Quality control

Quality control is top priority for PrJSC Furshet. Furshet quality control is of the upmost importance to ensure in-store production and service standards. Furshet has established professional quality control standards and a step-by-step process from warehouse goods registration to placing the products onto the shelves with great care and attention.

Our distribution center controls product transportation and maintains quality standards throughout this process.

The distribution center items include:

• grocery, confectionery and alcoholic beverages
• non-food products
• fresh vegetables

Furshet distribution centers help to maintain standards, controls and conditions of products ensuring the rotation of products are standardized so the customers can receive the freshest products available. We are continuously improving and keep up to date zoning areas for special products, (such as, flavorings, spices, tobacco, coffee, tea and sugar), all these items are stored in isolated rooms. Our standardized operations guarantee proper quality of goods for our customers.

All goods at the time of storage are recorded as part of our quality control characteristics.

An internal examination of goods quality is regularly conducted in all Furshet controlled supermarkets. It includes the following:

• shelf life of goods on sales area
• correct information of labeled products
•net weight of packed food
• excellent operation of refrigeration equipment, sanitation conditions of trade area and storage facilities
• employee appearance in operations

Quality standard examination conducted by vets for all animal origin products. Furshet supermarket employees regularly attend a medical examination as standard practice.

Furshet pays special attention to external auditing of suppliers who provide products under the private labels Furshet and Narodnaya. Specialists from our quality department ensure that all companies supplying Furshet meet our high quality requirements, requirements of regulatory documents and legislation of Ukraine.

Furshet supermarkets chain maintains high standards and safety procedures to supply quality products that are of an excellent standard ensuring customer satisfaction.