The family purchase supermarket chain Furshet was the first national supermarket chain to introduce the best world standards of modern technologies and services.

Furshet belongs to some of the largest chains in Ukraine. Our chain services aims to satisfy the needs and wants of a wide variety of customers from businessmen, entrepreneurs, students and pensioners.

By 1992 La Furshet Ukraine had already opened a few small supermarkets, the company has rapidly grown and developed since that time.  In the late nineties, the management of PrJSC Furshet made a decision to expand the chain.

By December 1998, Furshet had expanded and opened its first national wholesale-retail store in the centre of Kyiv, Podol, marking the beginning the there domestic supermarket era.

Furshet chain numbers have expanded to 114 stores: 104 stores in all regions of Ukraine, including seven restaurant-supermarkets Gurman-Furshet and one supermarket Narodny, and ten outlets in the Republic of Moldova.

PrJSC Furshet began to develop a chain of supermarkets under a new format “Narodny”, we opened our first store on the 4th June 2010 in Kyiv at Darrynok trading centre.

The trading area of the new supermarket is 6100 sq. m, with 40 000 SKUs at low prices. We have an excellent parking area for our customers with 800 free parking spaces at supermarket Narodniy.

The trading area at Furshet supermarket varies in size from 800 to 7000 sq. m with more than 20 SKUs, of food, non-food and offer more than 1000 domestic and foreign supplies.

About 80% of the range offered at Furshet is the domestic production of goods, ensuring quality and freshness. The chain owns in-store meat processing, meat dumplings, confectionery, cookery, fish and bakery products. Furshet produces goods under private labels “Furshet” and “Narodnaya”, some of these items include - conservation, juice, sunflower oil, cereals, pastries, dumplings, varenyky and other non-food products.

Our supermarket chain works without mediators - goods get to our shelves via our «manufacturer-store», which provides low cost, freshness and quality.

Every day more than half a million customers visit Furshet supermarkets. Primarily they are attracted by our high quality products, low prices, numerous actions and loyalty programs.

Furshet offers an innovative Loyalty Bonus Program FISHKA in all supermarket stores, this includes social program for pensioners and regularly conducts charitable activities aimed to support orphanages, national and international volleyball tournaments and maintains a football park.  

During our history the supermarkets chain Furshet has received many awards:

«100 best Kyiv companies» (2001)

«Brand of the Year 2005»

«Choice №1» (2005)

«The minion of the Year among the Successful People » (2006)

« Brand of the Year 2007»

« Brand of the Year 2008»

« Brand of the Year 2009»

The Share Capital of PrJSC Furshet amounts to 2 million UAH. LLC Anthousa Limited (Great Britain) is the only shareholder of PrJSC Furshet. Igor Nikolayevich Balenko is the chairman of the Supervisory Board of PrJSC Furshet.