Fish sector

Fish and seafood has always been highly valued all over the world. Consuming these products is a guarantee for good health and longevity as those products contain protein of about 15%, amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts, which are necessary for our health and well being.

Furshet knows the benefits and nutritional value of these products; we ensure customers can always purchase high quality fish and seafood in our premises at a reasonable price. We offer a wide range of fresh and frozen products including: chilled fish, seafood, fish preserves, caviar, cold and hot smoked food. Furshet prides itself on offering its customers quality products at a reasonable price.

Currently, we have fish sectors that are functioning in 69 Furshet stores, 13 of which are operating in Kyiv and 56 in different regions of Ukraine. Our wide selection of fish and seafood includes more than 670 items, such as, white amur, angel shark, salmon, barracuda, eel, salmon, dorado, eskalar, squid, shrimp, oysters and many other species of fish and seafood.

Fish and seafood products are conveniently packaged in various weights for our customers to satisfy their needs in our self service stalls. In addition, many stores are established with live fish aquariums whereby our customers can choose what they want and we will catch, scale and pack the fish on request.