Cookery section

The chain of family purchase stores Furshet has always aimed to satisfy customers requirements. Our policy of understanding what our customers want has led Furshet into developing new product lines and services, such as the development of professionally operated cookery sections that opened in almost all supermarket outlets.

Our basic menu items include an array of popular Ukrainian recipes. We offer an excellent selection of freshly cooked dishes made from meats, fish and vegetables that are delivered directly from our quality suppliers.

We offer more than 1500 products that include: pastries, hot dishes, salads, appetizers, meats and fish products. On average our cookery section prepares about 150 ready meals on a daily basis.

Furshet differentiates its product offerings to customers depending on location and seasonality of products, this method always ensures that we can offer our customers the freshest products at the lowest price. We also prepare additional product offerings relating to special holidays and offer international cuisine on occasions.

Furshet offers customers the freshest food products on a daily basis; this has proved to be very popular among our customers. We only use natural products, we do not use any artificial additives and all meat products are natural. Furshet prides itself on offering customers the freshest products available ensuring impeccable quality.

All culinary products conducted in and outside our premises require full technical documentation. This process involves a very specific analyze of all food and culinary recipes. Technology cards include the full documentation of the cooking process including recipe analysis. All technology cards must be approved by the entity director in accordance with the State Sanitary-Epidemiological Service and Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Furshet conducts strict controls on the flow and storage of products including products of animal origin, in which these items are inspected every day by an official veterinary doctor.