Quality control

There is a multilevel system of quality control in Furshet.

Meat control

At the first stage of control the State Veterinary Service controls semi-finished meat of a supplier and gives a veterinary certificate, which includes complete information of the animal.

The second stage includes veterinary control of butchering and the issuing of form №2 «Veterinary certificate» (information on quality and safety of raw meet).

The third stage – departmental control – is conducted at the expense of PrJSC Furshet (due to the agreement) by vets of the Veterinary Medicine Association. This stage includes control of:

• Raw products reception (control of organoleptic indicators and documentation, which confirms quality and safety of raw products - form №2 « Veterinary certificate», production quality certificate);
• Butcher areas of the supermarkets chain Furshet (following to the sanitary norms and rules, terms and conditions of raw and semi-finished meat storage);
• Examining of semi-finished meat for chemical-toxicological indicators, bacteriological safety by the State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine and receiving the expert opinion.

Cookery control

All cookery departments sign a contract of departmental control. The state laboratories of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station check the cookery products on regularly basis to the standards and terms set by technical conditions.

The departmental control in Kyiv is conducted by one of the best microbiology laboratories in the country – the Central SES. Similar controls of cookery are made by all regions in Ukraine by local laboratories of the SES.

In addition, there is state control conducted by the sanitary and epidemiological services that check the work of cookery workshops due to their plan.

Bakery and confectionery control

Bakery and confectionery of Furshet production also passes through departmental and state control.

Departmental control is conducted by qualified and accredited laboratories of the State Consumer Standard, Regional Consumer Standard of the State SES, regional and municipal SES.

Regional, municipal and district microbiological laboratories of the SES conduct State control by the following indicators:

• physicochemical;
• microbiological;
• security group: pesticides, heavy metals salts, micro toxins, radionuclides.
The raw materials suppliers have to provide the research report on the mentioned indicators, and on GMO.

In addition to the aforementioned, there is an internal control of business-processes compliance by the quality control department. Such a multilevel system ensures of high quality of the in-store production of PrJSC Furshet.