Social liability

The retail chain Furshet works as a backbone in one of the most dynamic economic sectors, the development of this determines the countries state of economy, and influences the life level of people. Therefore Furshet pays great attention to the social liability towards society.

The supermarkets chain Furshet holds ethical business standards and take care of their employees, keep constant dialogue with partners, investors and customers. Our services aim to satisfy the needs and demands of all categories of customers, irrespective of their revenue level. Furshet has a “Loyalty Program”, acting in all outlets, which gives customers from 3% to 7% discount.

Furshet supports the low-income population by offering a “Pensioner Discount Program” and Loyalty Bonus Program FISHKA, adopted in all Furshet stores. The participants of this Program receives a pension discount card of 7% discount, as well as regular price promotions, prize draws, lotteries and competitions. 

Our company conducts many charitable actions with a purpose to support orphanages, conducts social entertainment campaigns, art actions, nation and world-wide sport tournaments and supports yard football tournaments.

Supermarket chain Furshet invests in the professional development of its employees, by providing professional training by our outstanding “Training Centre”. We offer employees a reward system based on turnover results ensuring service standards.
Furshet continues to develop within regional areas and conducts active support for the domestic manufacturer by selling up to 70% of the product range offered by Ukrainian manufacturers.