Private Label

Presently, Furshet offers a wide range of daily usage goods in two private labels – Furshet and Narodna. The production can be purchased in Furshet and Narodny supermarkets throughout all the territory of Ukraine and in the Republic of Moldova.

PL Furshet
offers outstanding quality products to its customers at an affordable price ensuring customers satisfaction.

PL Norodna
has recently introduced a low price segmented private label. This private label increases customers choice and quality which corresponds to State Standards and the standards of Ukrainian national standardization system.

Supermarket Furshet orders private label products directly from manufacturers in a very precise and responsible manner to ensure high quality. Our company collaborates with responsible, reliable and recommended manufacturers within the marketplace, who are leaders of their sector. We engage with companies who are ready to offer the most interesting proposals related to our “quality-price ratio” standards accepted by Furshet quality department. Preference is given to companies that correspond to international quality standards – ISO and BRC.

Reasons for consumers to choose our Private label products:

• A wide range of quality products for daily consumption.
High quality and low price.
• Strict control of quality ingredients used.
• Permanent quality control by selecting and testing the daily supply specimens, as well as specimens from trading areas at stores.

Goods produced under private labels are a part of the Furshet chain image as the company brand name is indicated on the packaging.

Furshet thrives to ensure that all private label products give customers the best quality and price to satisfy their needs with an excellent range to choose from.