To suppliers

The family purchase supermarkets chain «Furshet» offers collaboration to suppliers of all goods groups, the production of which differs for its high quality and low price; the suppliers which guarantee 100% fulfillment of orders of the supermarkets chain.

The main requirements to the suppliers:

• On-time fulfillment of an order
• Ability to work with the distribution centers of the company
• Execution of all the terms of the agreement
• Documents circulation in the electronic data interchange system (EDI)

Advantages of collaboration with the supermarkets chain “Furshet”:

• Ability to market ones production in 117 “Furshet” supermarkets all over Ukraine and in the Republic of Moldova. The daily attendance of the chain’s supermarkets makes 500 thousand people
• Open and compromise politics in relationship with the suppliers
• Private distribution centre, which let optimize the logistics expenses, and for regional suppliers – let enter the national level
• Joint marketing activities: conducting price actions, promotional campaigns, tastings, presentations, sponsor promotional projects etc; placing information about price actions in leaflets of «Furshet», in plasma screens in stores sales areas.

For cooperation, please contact us: